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  • Winsor & Newton Artist Oils, are unmatched for purity, quality & reliability of colour, a success which is reflected in its worldwide reputation amongst professional artist & craftsmen. Sizes available are 37ml & 200ml
  • Winsor & Newton Griffin Fast Drying Oil, the greatest outstanding advantage of the griffin range is their speed or drying, which allows a painting to be completed in a single session. Sizes available are 37ml & 200ml.
  • Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil, appear & work like conventional oil colour with an additional ability to mix with water. Making the particularly suited for people with breathing problems or who work in enclosed spaces. Sizes available are 37ml & 200ml
  • Winsor & Newton Winton Oils, have been developed to provide the highest quality colours at affordable prices, perfect for the beginner. Sizes available are 37ml.
  • Pebeo XL Studio Oil, dries quicker than some traditional oils and has a very large colour range. An economical oil for students available in 200ml.
  • Bob Ross Oils, a unique range aimed at people with little experience of painting in this medium, a compact yet comprehensive range of colours for painting realistic landscapes. Sizes available 14ml & 200ml.
  • Winsor & Newton Artist Acrylic, provides maximum permanence, optimum brilliance & intensity of colour plus unsurpassed covering power and tinting strength. Colours remain workable slightly longer and dry to a non-tacky uniform satin finish. Sizes available are 60ml & 200ml
  • Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic, Suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces, ideal for student's experimentation. Sizes available are 60ml.
  • Pebeo XL – Studio Acrylic, have high viscosity with a satin finish and are particularly suited to three dimensional work retaining brush and knife marks due to its thick consistency. A very economical acrylic for students. Sizes available are 250ml & 500ml.
  • Winsor & Newton Artist Watercolour, are made from the finest pigments available in the highest concentrations possible, consistent with good handling qualities. Tubes are preferred by artist using larger quantities of colour while pans find favour with out door sketchers and those who use smaller quantities of colour. Sizes available are 5ml & 14ml tubes also Half pans.
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour, are made to the normal quality of standards but costs are kept to an economical level by replacing some of the more costly pigments with less expensive alternatives. Sizes available are 8ml & 21ml tubes & Half Pans.
  • Terry Harrison Watercolours, available in 14ml tubes a small range of colours including his ever popular Shadow
  • Winsor & Newton Designers Gouache, a high quality opaque water colour which can be used with brush, airbrush, & ruling pen on most types of paper & board great for fine detail. Used with water colour give great high lights. Sizes available are 14ml & 37ml.
  • Pebeo T7 Extra Fine Gouache, has a matt finish and is rich in pigments giving a very dense and luminous colour, an economical gouache with out compromising quality. sizes available are 20ml.
  • Winsor & Newton Drawing Ink, formulated from a series of dyes in a superior shellac solution. May be applied with brush, pen, and airbrush and are widely used by illustrators, designers & artist. Sizes available are 14ml.
  • Daler Rowney FW Acrylic Ink, a highly versatile medium with many vibrant colours. sizes available 30ml & 180ml
  • Higgins Black Magic a truly water proof black ink 30ml

Craft & Specialty paints

  • Crafters Acrylic a low cost non- toxic all purpose acrylic perfect for craft projects and great for stencilling.
  • Pebeo Vitrail, a solvent based range of transparent luminous colours for glass and metal, colours may be mixed together. sizes available paint 45ml, cerne outliner 20ml & 37ml
  • Pebeo Setasilk, lively and intense colours that make all the classic painting techniques available to all, easily iron fixed. sizes available paint 45ml, gutta 20ml
  • Fabric paints & dyes, a small range of fabric paint supplied in the most popular colours also Dylon Hand dyes great for tie-dye and craft work.
  • Humbrol Enamels, great for most applications, ideal for model makers, available in gloss and metallic colours
  • Magnetic & Black Board Paint
  • Liquid Leaf Gold Paint and Treasure Gold Wax for decorating, crafting and restoration. In a range of sumptuous golden hues to imitate gold leaf
  • U.V. Glow Paints, a dual purpose paint in small range of colours. floures under a u.v. light or can be used as a day glow vibrant colour
  • Phosphorescent Glow in the Dark paint, used alone or tint with acrylic colour.
  • Inference Paint, an acrylic based paint used alone on a dark back ground or mixed into other colours to give interesting effects.
  • Dyna Colour, a unique acrylic range of vibrantly intense iridescent colour. Pre twined colours producing amazing visual effects. e.g. violet & blue, orange & yellow.
  • Chalky Vintage Look Paint, a gorgeous velvet matt finish, easy to apply. Turns the mundane into a fabulous sought after item! Stain blocker, cream wax, crackle and transfer medium compliment this wonderful range

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This is just a small selection of what we have to offer. There is much more available in the shop, not to mention an ordering service for an even greater number of products.

Wright's wish to make it clearly understood that it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the goods purchased are suitable for his or her particular requirements. In no circumstances can claims be entertained for the value of work alleged to be spoilt by the use of a product which proves unsatisfactory, Our liability being confined to replacement of any product proved to be defective in respect of materials or workmanship.

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