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Craft & Modelling

  • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay, a world renowned oven-hardening modelling material great for everyone from professionals to children. Available in range of colours.
  • Moulding - latex, alginate, plastacine & siligum
  • Casting - plaster of paris, resin plaster, stone plaster, sculptamold, restoration plaster & crystal resin.
  • Modelling - Air Drying Modelling Clay, a clay ready to use air dries to a hard finish, can be painted if desired. Available in grey and terracotta, larger sizes in grey.
  • Specialty Air Drying Clay, available in Wood, Stone and Cork effect.
  • Modelling equipment - Mod Roc, wire & wooden tools, aluminium wire in various gauges, Mod Mesh & tubular wire.
  • Glitter, an extra fine range of glitter in many colours with holographic colours. Suitable for card making and other craft applications.
  • Gilding Equipment – Gold Size, Burnisher, 22 carat Gold Leaf and transfer, Dutch (imitation) Gold & Silver
  • Balsa wood, a favourite for model makers and crafters a light weight soft wood. A small range available
  • Lino equipment – cutters, ink, rollers, bench hooks, hand guard, lino blocks & soft cut blocks.
  • Mini Rotary tool kit, Engraving kit, Wood Carving set, Pyography Wood Burning tool


  • Mediums of all manor for oil, acrylic, watercolour and pastel including liqiun, sansador, masking fluid, varnishes & fixatives. Also Gesso Primers for oil, acrylic & pastel. A large range of Golden Acrylic Mediums in stock
  • Palettes in china, plastic, wood, stay wet, peel off & tear off, including palette dippers
  • Drawing boards with an extra fine finish & Cutting matt's.
  • Colour wheels, view finders, pantographs, scale dividers plus other viewing and drawing aids.
  • Sponges, Palette knifes, Colour shapers, Tortillion for unique mark making in both fine art and craft
  • Brush cases & brush baths, empty bottles & jars, pipettes, paint savers & water pots
  • Chinese Painting Equipment
  • Batik Wax and Tjantings
  • Manikins & Mahlsticks
  • Mount cutters, framing hardware, adhesive tapes & clear wrapping film
  • Paint by Numbers, Adult Colouring Books
  • Books on many subjects.....
  • Plus a 101 things we haven't mentioned! and another 1001 things we can specially order!!

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This is just a small selection of what we have to offer. There is much more available in the shop, not to mention an ordering service for an even greater number of products.

Wright's wish to make it clearly understood that it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the goods purchased are suitable for his or her particular requirements. In no circumstances can claims be entertained for the value of work alleged to be spoilt by the use of a product which proves unsatisfactory, Our liability being confined to replacement of any product proved to be defective in respect of materials or workmanship.

Craft Materials
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