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Watercolour Brushes

  • Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable, an unsurpassed excellence of quality using only the finest materiel's a tradition started by H.M Queen Victoria in 1866, when Winsor & Newton were order to produce the highest quality brush in her favourite size No. 7.
  • Isabey Kolinsky Sable, a balanced brush with a full belly, available in Series 6228 Round & 6222 Liner
  • Rapheal Kolinsky Sable, a quality sable hand checked to ensure perfection, Series 8404 Round
  • ProArte Kolinsky Sable, a nice sable with a reasonable price with out compromising quality, available in Series 1A Round, 2A Designers, RSR Rigger, RSF Flat & 43 Fan
  • Winsor & Newton Sceptre Gold II, a brush that is made from a mix of pure sable & synthetic fibre, giving a performance of sable at a price that is closer to sable. Styles available include 101 Round*, 202 Designers*, 303 Lettering*, 606 One Stroke*, 808 Fan.
  • Winsor & Newton Cotman, an economically priced range of pure synthetic fibre, suitable for use with water & oil based media. Styles available include 111 Round*, 222 Designers*, 666 One Stroke*, & 888 Fan.
  • ProArte Prolene Range, a hard wearing, inexpensive, synthetic brush good for many different mediums art & craft work. Styles available include 101 Round, 106 One Stroke & F Fan.
  • Renaissance Squirrel Mop, a traditional wire bound mop a magnificent brush manufactured from Canadian Blue Squirrel, giving exception spring and belly whilst retaining an astonishing ability to point.
  • Winsor & Newton Wash Brushes, 140 Goat Hair, designed for water washes and soft blending.
  • ProArte Series 50, a squirrel wash brush with unique shape giving endless possibilities of making beautiful strokes.
  • ProArte 333 Kazan Mop, highly selected Kazan squirrel hair, points exceptionally well, bound with nickel ferrules
  • Budget Hake, traditionally sewn hake with plain wood handle economically priced, exceptional value.
  • Ron Ranson Hake, styled after the traditional Japanese hakes with a 'well worn in feel' manufactured from goat hair.


  • Winsor & Newton Galeria, specially designed for use with acrylic to offer flexibility & sensitivity whilst being strong and resilient equally suited for oil & alkyd. Shapes available with long handle include Round*, Bright & Filbert. One stroke only available in *short handle.
  • ProArte Polar White, a brush for use with fluid oils & acrylics yet soft for use with water colours a genuine all purpose brush at affordable prices. Series 31 Round, 32 Flat, 33 Fan.
  • ProArte Series 203 Rigger, a very popular brush for use when needing fine lines


  • Winsor & Newton Artist Hog, a superior quality of Hog Bristles provide a level of performance that is unrivalled. Use with oil & acrylic. Shapes available with long handles include Long Flat, Round, Bright, Filbert, Fan & Short Filbert.
  • Winsor & Newton Winton Hog, fine Hog bristles, offer excellent quality at affordable prices. For use with all oil & acrylic. Shapes available with long handles include Long Flat, Round, Bright, Filbert & Fan.
  • ProArte Seriec C, a great range of inexpensive hog bristle, suitable for use with oil & acrylic great for crafting. Shapes available include Round, Flat, Filbert & Fan.
  • Isabey Memory, a soft hair that imitates mongoose giving gorgeous results when blending oils particular shapes Avabile Round, Flat, Cats Tongue & Fan.
  • ProArte Varnish Brush, brushes perform well and do not easily shed hairs.

Specialty Brushes

  • Terry Harrison Water colour Brushes, a range of unique shapes designed for using with Terry's painting techniques.
  • Sign Writing Brushes - Series 9 Round Liner, Series 9A Sword Liner with an unusual shape it is the perfect brush for making the thinnest of lines to the broadest & Series 10 a round brush with a square tip. A larger range coming soon
  • ProArte Sable Cats Tongue, with a graded oval similar to a filbert head makes this good for stippling with most mediums.
  • ProArte Prolon Angled Shader, very affective for flower petals, leaves and small corners.
  • ProArte Squirrel Dagger, similar in shape to the angle shaders but with a soft hair ideal for blending.
  • ProArte Deerfoot good for stippling, Dagger gives an unsual shape for diffent strokes & Comb unsurpassed for painting grasses and reeds.
  • Prolene Series 009 Filbert, usually a shape found in oil painting but this brush lends itself to watercolour and other media
  • Stencil Brushes, general purpose stencil brushes made from firm white bristle for use with any general decorating paint
  • Chinese, a small range of Chinese brushes & bamboo pens can give interesting effects used with conventional painting techniques
  • Water Brush Pens, a unique design a brush with a reservoir of water indispensable for the outdoor painter.
  • Omega & Escoda brushes with extra large formats ideal for oil and acrylic Mural painting or just extra large canvas work.

NB Even though we have categorised these brushes, any brush can be used in any medium to put an interesting mark on your masterpiece. Just let your imaganation go!

This is just a small selection of what we have to offer. There is much more available in the shop, not to mention an ordering service for an even greater number of products.

Wright's wish to make it clearly understood that it is the user's responsibility to ensure that the goods purchased are suitable for his or her particular requirements. In no circumstances can claims be entertained for the value of work alleged to be spoilt by the use of a product which proves unsatisfactory, Our liability being confined to replacement of any product proved to be defective in respect of materials or workmanship.

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